Are you ready to elevate your Swing Speed, Power and Consistency?

The PGA and other Tour Pros or Coaches we speak to, each acknowledge that the keys to consistency, head speed, power and swing success begin with the feet and a continued connection to the ground. Whether its the inside pressure in heel, engagement in their quad that moves to the glut or moving the femur into the pelvic socket (over my head). They need stability to coil into a powerful turn before they begin their move to the ball. The POWER UP WEDGE Provides the player with immediate feel, the presence of engagement, pressure and tension in the lower 1/2 so they can get into and work through dynamic positions to impact the ball.

Meet Sam Ryder, PGA Tour Golfer , #2 on Web Dot Com money list and winner of the 2017 Pinnacle Bank Championship in Omaha. Sam speaks to how the Power Up Wedge has helped his game by enabling him to maintain an engaged, stable, strong, in sync lower 1/2 and allows him through feel to maintain a consistent swing, develop increased club head speed, more distance and accuracy. Take 12 -15 swings, remove the wedge and retain the feel. 


Josh Jackson

A great key to power is learning how to engage your right hip and learning how to push. I can get into a more explosive position by having #NoSway in my backswing by attaching the @powerupwedgegolf to my back foot when I’m warming up before I Play or in this instance take a Long Drive Swing.

“This video is dedicated to Power Up Wedge Golf. Thank you for the consideration of trying your product and I will publicly review your product and say it is awesome. I have an entire new feel for my footwork which has resulted in my best clubhead speed so far by 4 MPH with just 10 mins of using your wedges… We need to talk business lol ASAP…” – Josh Jackson

How Does It Work?

The Power Up Wedge is a personalized training device for baseball, softball, golf or cricket that allows the individual player to understand their lower ½ and introduces them to the responsibility of the lower ½ and the importance it plays in the success of each and every hitter, pitcher, athlete. The Power Up Wedge is a DIRECT link to better balance, stability, core awareness and strength, presenting today’s player with unmatched feel and a keen synchronization of mind and body, allowing the muscle memory to come quick..

Once you fasten the Wedge to either front foot, back foot or both, your lower ½ is ready to drive you to untapped levels of success by training you to be an ATHLETE and giving you an opportunity to make an immediate impact.

Explosive Technique

No matter what the skill; Hitting, Pitching, Throwing, Fielding, and regardless of the player age or skill level The Power Up Wedge engages and trains your player / team with instant feel from the ground up by placing him or her in an Athletic , Bio-mechanically Advanced and “EXPLOSIVE” Position!

Power Performance

The Power Up Wedge trains you to be an ATHLETE by providing a direct link to your lower half. Fasten it on and instantaneously feel: Balance, Stability, Direction, Leverage, Torque and Power. Build: Muscle Memory, Strength, Bat Speed, Velocity, Consistency and Success!

Rugged Design

Made out of a custom formulated rubber compound.
Designed to handle heavy use and weathering.
Performs well on multiple surfaces.

Power Quick Strap

Performance Grip

Developed by a Major League Baseball Scout

PowerUp Wedge creator, Steve Gossett, found that athletes were having trouble connecting with their lower half, leading to poor performance on the field. “Every skill and move in athletics begins in the feet with a strong, balanced, stable base.”

After years of research, development and testing, Steve released the Power Up Wedge, a revolutionary, portable training device for athletes and coaches. The impact is instantaneous. Players “feel” the difference and build muscle memory, adding power to their game.